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I-244 Arkansas River Multi-Modal Bridge

About This Project

LandPlan was requested to assist Garver on the pedestrian / bicycle portion of the TIGER grant funded multi-modal bridge that accommodates interstate highway traffic, high-speed intercity passenger rail, light transit or commuter rail, and bicycle / pedestrian traffic. Survey responses from PLANiTulsa widely supported the multi-modal faction for the area and it promises to improve highway operations, freight service, and future commuter and passenger rail connections between Oklahoma City and other regional metropolitan areas, increasing economic development. The bridge design has a lower deck supporting two dedicated rail lines and a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian facility. The I-244 pedestrian/bicycle portion of the bridge, once complete, will carry traffic across the river connecting several trails and paths that converge adjacent to the Arkansas River’s east and west banks. This bridge replacement supports existing regional planning efforts for INCOG’s Long Range Transportation Plan and provides additional planned projects for bicycle and pedestrian improvements to move forward. It is expected that connecting this area will improve the urban dynamic while providing a pedestrian connection for Tulsa’s Central Business District to the waterfront and the West Bank.

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